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Quality policy

Simet Ltd. plans to remain a key factor in the Hungarian building construction industry also over the long-term, with particular reference to the construction of buildings which require special sliding formwork (slipforming) technology. The precisely defined quality policy is inevitable for the achievement of this objective, this is summarised in 5 points:

Based upon the professional experience of our colleagues covering several decades, we are able to build complex and unique structures as well. The task at hand can be a structure of any large floor area or extreme height, or even involving special requirements, we can build it employing the most modern solutions available in the market under the leadership of our engineers.
We continuously conduct in-house training for our employees, we are open to new solutions, which we develop ourselves in many of the cases. Practically, every order requires at the same time new technological and engineering solutions.

Our Company employs quality basic materials, special technologies, machinery of excellent condition and workers of high standards of professional qualifications. Most of our customers are long-term partners for us, this gives the evidence for our exact and precise quality operations.

From the very start our ambition has been to work towards Simet Ltd. becoming a recognised name of good reputation in business.  We have a recognised part and steady presence in the market, our future is guaranteed for the long run. We have our own depot and fleet of equipment. Management and associates have worked together for a long time.

Our purpose is the continuous innovation. We put great emphasis on the design and development as well as continuous maintenance of our inventory of formworks and machinery fleet, so that we can always meet the requirements of the age and our customers. Training of engineers is given high priority in our Company. We offer possibilities for engineering students on a constant basis for acquiring practical competence. They are the way to the future for us.